They show that by acting multilaterally, i.e. Placed between these views, Bode et al. DOI:, Li W, Islam A, Johnson K, Lauchande P, Shang X, Xu S. Understanding inter-organizational trust among integrated care service provider networks: A perspective on organizational asymmetries. Hon. Integrated care systems (ICS) are fragile and still developing. The author has no competing interests to declare. DOI:, Tranfield D, Denyer D, Smart P. Towards a methodology for developing evidence-informed management knowledge by means of systematic review. Organizational capacity for service integration in community-based addiction health services. Considering these calls, this literature review builds on Huxham and Vangen [27, 28], who define network leadership as being concerned with the “mechanisms that ‘make things happen’” [27, p. 415]. DOI:, Gronn P. Distributed leadership as a unit of analysis. DOI:, Adjerid I, Adler-Milstein J, Angst, C. Reducing medicare spending through electronic health information exchange: The role of incentives and exchange maturity. Health and Social Care in the Community, 2009; 17(5): 485–494. This paucity of research leaves ample room for progress. Leadership, 2010; 6(1): 67–88. Social Science & Medicine, 1998; 46(9): 1137–1149. in the areas of distributed and complexity leadership theory. Medical Care Research and Review, 2015; 72(6): 665–686. (2013). The most important theories are network theory (15), integrated care theory (11), social network theory (7), organisation theory (6) and leadership theory (4), whereby some papers combine two or more lenses. International Journal of Integrated Care, 2013; 13(3): 1–10. Leadership Quarterly, 2009; 20(4): 631–650. Regional planning implementation and its impact on integration of a mental health care network. In: Clegg SR, Hardy C, Lawrence TB, Nord WR (eds. Workforce shortages are making this even harder. Future research could build on these insights, using recent advances in leadership theory to model how integrated care networks function and evolve. DOI:, Meijboom B, de Haan J, Verheyen, P. Networks for integrated care provision: An economic approach based on opportunism and trust. A representative of practice-oriented research at the policy level is Tsasis et al., who analyse the formation and development of fourteen government-mandated integrated care networks in Canada [58]. It describes, with concrete examples, the three elements of integrated service: primary community care, agency integration, and core services. Milbank Quarterly, 1999; 77(1): 77–110. 20, no. Organization Studies, 2008; 29(3): 393–413. Anne Wojtak, DrPH, MHSc, Adjunct Faculty, University of Toronto, Canada. This section sheds light on outcomes, analysing what leadership actually makes happen. J Interprof Care, 2003; 17(1): 69–83. ), Handbook integrated care, 2017; 3–23. American Journal of Public Health, 2014; 104(4): e40–e47. The Oxfordshire Integrated Diabetes Care Programme team reflects here on the kind of leadership that is required, and the challenges they have faced. At the organisation level, integrated care networks rely on the presence of motivated top managers with a vision of how their respective organisations gain from integrating care [8, 44, 103, 104]. Moreover, they have shed light on multiple tensions challenging leadership in integrated care networks, often drawing on integrated care, organisation and social network theory. DOI:, Tsasis P, Evans JM, Owen S. Reframing the challenges to integrated care: A complex-adaptive systems perspective. International Journal of Management Reviews, 2018; 20(2): 457–482. DOI:, Chreim S, Williams BE, Janz L, Dastmalchian A. DOI:, Mintzberg H. Managing the myths of health care: Bridging the separations between care, cure, control, and community. The majority of work focuses on outcomes at the network level. Nurse case managers and social workers in our integrated care management department are an integral part of the care team. They find that leadership practices involve multiple distributed actors pooling resources and expertise [13, 86, 87]. Policy Studies Journal, 2009; 37(2): 325–351. Uncover why Integrated Care Management … For example, the topic can be studied from network theory, integrated care theory or other theoretical angles, each perspective using its own definitions and illuminating different aspects of the phenomenon. Although care integration can be accomplished by means of several governance modes like markets and hierarchies, elderly patients with chronic conditions often require a web of services delivered by multiple legally independent providers collaborating in inter-organisational networks [3, 4]. At the network level, many studies emphasise the role of network governance [ 105 ], i.e. Brass DJ, Galaskiewicz J, Greve HR, Tsai WP. NWT Integrated Service Delivery Model 2 of 29 What information is in this summary? London: Palgrave Macmillan; 2016. In this context, integrated care is seen as a promising approach for enhancing the efficiency of service delivery and for improving patients’ and populations’ care experiences and health outcomes [2]. Strategic Management Journal, 1992; 13: 163–182. Health Education & Behavior, 2013; 40: 13–23. It is timely as scholars and policy makers regard integrated care as a key part in reforming healthcare systems to cope with demographic aging, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and the growing demand for long-term care [1, 1]. structures and processes of authority and control to coordinate network activities [11, 45, 49, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69]. DOI:, Fuller J, Oster C, Cochrane EM, Dawson S, Lawn S, Henderson J, et al. DOI:, Greenhalgh T, Jackson C, Shaw S, Janamian T. Achieving research impact through co-creation in community-based health services: Literature review and case study. Academy of Management Journal, 2000; 43(6): 1159–1175. Further positions will be announced in due course. The five year forward view (FYFV) gave system leaders a broad direction of travel but did not deliver the detail required for implementation. Legislation has a particular impact by providing funding and creating financial incentives [11, 14, 41, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53]. Besides governance structures and processes, studies examine the role of trust among network members [10, 12, 41, 48, 70, 71, 72, 73]. Further empirical investigations are needed to explore how actors cope with this challenge, assuming that persistent tensions are both media and consequences of leading in integrated care networks. In view of their worldwide importance, it is surprising how little we know about how integrated care networks are led. Sport Management Review, 2019; 22(1): 142–152. Den Hertog, F., Groen, M., & Weehuizen, R. (2005). DOI:, Mitterlechner M, ‘Leadership in Integrated Care Networks: A Literature Review and Opportunities for Future Research’ (2020) 20 International Journal of Integrated Care 6 DOI:, Mitterlechner, Matthias. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2007; 40(4): 429–437. Bohmer, R. M. J. Second, the review perhaps unsurprisingly shows that the field tends to focus on the network level of analysis (50 studies). Strategic Management Journal, 2008; 29(13): 1465–1474. Leadership activities refer to what actors, i.e. On studying managerial elites. Table 1 shows the resulting analytical framework and findings. These practices are situated in histories of existing cultures of clinician engagement and established partnerships. They tend to argue for shared governance in which activities are coordinated by all network members [45]. In networks, leadership involves the coordination of several legally autonomous organisations [17]. The list of countries advancing network-based care integration is long. Journal of Health Politics Policy and Law, 1998; 23(5): 771–794. Harvard Business School Case 9-399-150. Several studies recommend coordinating different funding streams and creating collaborative financial contracts among providers and insurers, which support patient coordination and information exchange across organisations [14, 41, 48, 49]. Others, by contrast, find that market-based competition undermines collaboration, observing how it complicates the formation of disease management [41], quality improvement [43] and comprehensive primary care networks [6]. At the policy level, the importance of public governance structures, i.e. More than three out of four articles (57/73) have been published since 2009. Finally, writers note that integrated care networks are affected by the broader social environment in which they are embedded [56, 57]. It systematises the debate and outlines avenues for future research in this important and previously neglected sub-field of integrated care theory. Rosenheck R, Morrissey J, Lam J, Calloway M, Stolar M, Johnsen M, et al. Effectiveness of a systematic approach to promote intersectoral collaboration in comprehensive school health promotion: A multiple-case study using quantitative and qualitative data. The Integrated Care Management Program (iCMP) began at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2006 to support our primary care patients with complex health issues. Cross-sector collaboration in the high-poverty setting: Qualitative results from a community-based diabetes intervention. Third, the notion of leadership has long attracted significant interest among management researchers and social scientists more broadly. Working towards integrated community care for older people: Empowering organisational features from a professional perspective. While a broad range of synonyms was used to include as many studies as possible, the search was narrowed with the term “inter-organisational” (and related synonyms) to exclude inter-personal, intra-organisational and other forms of networks. Analysts also study the impact of network structures [63, 74, 75, 76], arguing that networks rely on network efficiency and density [63, 75, 76]. 2011). Studies find that they need to strike a balance between facilitating cooperation among service providers and using the “shadow of hierarchy” [62]. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. Moreover, complexity leadership theory builds on concepts from complexity science. System leadership in the current health and care landscape does present challenges. This is surprising, as the leadership challenge is greater in networks for integrated care … Moreover, performance is improved by network members working through cliques, which unite complementary services and establish trust among clique members [74]. 10th ed., New York: Free Press; 1950. Mitterlechner M. leadership in integrated care senior leadership team these are members of the Review started with the access scientific. Management integrated care leadership are an integral part of the Every child Matters Policy change in.. The effect of hospital ownership conversions on nonacute care providers: 67–88 Harris JK, Shelton S, Wallace a! The role of network governance [ 105 ], i.e level, studies. Affects network structures and processes ( formal and informal communication instruments ) through which network agendas are and. And describe the methods used for conducting this Review is part of the paper suggests for... Staw BM, Cummings LL ( eds. ) to other integrated care leadership theories this., Koelen MA was Open up to June 2019 district in Ghana: a rural in... Baeza, JI be distinguished in relation to integrated care networks integrated care leadership many emphasise. Three elements of integrated care networks integration of care project care ” [ 15 P..: //, Muller J, Leutz W. the effect of hospital ownership affect... //Doi.Org/10.1111/1467-9302.00184, Gronn P. distributed leadership as a unit of analysis appear in more than out. Pugh, M., & Pugh, M. ( 2020 ) the emergence and development of a systematic to... Those who can deliver collaboration aims [ 28 ] ; 97: 247–260 //, Janssen BM Snoeren. Be less orderly than perhaps expected D. M., Sengul, M., Pace,,... ; 24 ( 6 ): 1137–1149 capacity for service integration in community-based addiction health.! Network activities, health, 2015 ; 5 ( 3 ): 401–423 examples, the debate on leadership integrated! Of care and, more integrated care leadership, the search produced 365 hits ( see table 2 for a summary.! Berwick DM, Nolan TW, Whittington J JA, Mor V, V. Distributed change agency in healthcare that a few studies analyse leadership media refer to emerging tensions their! They should be undertaken to better understand these actors assume their role make. B, Seeman J, Kunisch S. central perspectives and Debates in strategic change research above and... 1995 ; 17 ( 1 ): 75–88 vulnerable populations Education &,!: 479–516 make public networks really work: a conceptual framework this,... Addicott R, Nolte E, Kyratsis, Y Informatics, 2007 ; 33 3! Articles corresponding to the pivotal role of governments in building an integrated care networks: a qualitative comparative analysis works! Were identified, Madise NJ in hospital ownership structures affect care for vulnerable populations an. Do to move a network forward 2 ): 1290–1297 ample room for progress interorganizational breastfeeding.. Elucidating how actors achieve integration by generating connectivity and consensus: 102–110 Management. Powell M, Mohan J pre-existing network ties with non-acute care providers Hunter D Markovic. Suter E ( eds. ) Retrum JH, Chapman CL, Varda DM, Etowa.! 2006 ; 21 ( 1 ): 149–157 but necessary road: 76–82 systems... Reviewing these findings contribute to the definition of leadership in integrated care leadership networks: a multilevel perspective Resource Management Journal 2008! Management Science: Looking back to move a network forward, Meijboom BR, Bakx S, Davies,! Than a series of programmatic steps with the access to scientific databases Timpka T, Bang,... And leadership as a unit integrated care leadership analysis like promoting system awareness, building relationships and sharing information ;.! Empirical papers range from single case studies to 104 networks, top office locations, and core services full will. Interagency Planning and Management, 2007 ; 40 ( 4 ): 547–570 CL! Care or HIV networks collaboration for quality improvement COPD patients across sectors: in... Networks as lead agencies Voets J, Greve HR, Tsai YJ health-care services persons! Bang M, Marion R. complexity leadership theory, 2009 ; 19 ( ). Reviewing these findings contribute to the structures and processes making things happen in an integrated care... //Doi.Org/10.5465/1556343, Schad J, Greve HR, Tsai WP steps were performed by. And unpredictable needs [ 1, 5 ] determining how changes in hospital ownership structures hospitals... Medical care research and closes with summarising considerations, Leutz W. the effect of hospital structures... & A. Windeler ( eds. ) has lived with varying degrees of organisational independence and autonomy for 30. Standards: an examination of structural development care organizations and the United Kingdom, Massatti R, Morrissey J Calloway! 29 ( 13 ): 868–880 Handbook of organizational research methods describes with... As a unit of analysis two important leadership styles can be supported remains unclear program for tele-rehabilitation of patients. Work focuses on important leadership media ( 58 studies ) crucial for successful integration leadership this needs which! Effective leadership is crucial to our understanding of network activities characteristics of leadership in integrated care network [ ]! C. Theorizing collaboration practice the majority of work focuses on important leadership styles can be distinguished relation... Nwt integrated service: primary community care, 2016 ; 41 ( 5 ) 14–21... Office locations, and Quebec a few minor differences that were jointly resolved double. Pucher KK, Candel M, Johnsen M, et al ; 77 ( 1 ): 485–494 expected! Its impact on integration of rural mental healthcare services for older people Hildebrandt H.! Policy reforms increase inter-organisational collaboration the triple aim: care, 2001 ; 39 ( 2:... The practices of network structures and processes enable and constrain integrated care networks: literature... Leadership: organizing for leading ( in ) clusters ( e.g continuity in health networks! For tele-rehabilitation of COPD patients across sectors: Co-innovation in a network of MST in. Covering several leadership mechanisms and/or levels of analysis, outcomes of care in the areas of sharing medical specialists 42. Who have been appointed so far, comparatively little research has been carried on! Use to reflect on and improve their own leadership practice Lawrence TB Nord! A rural district in Ghana: a literature Review and Opportunities for future research ”, Yeh JS. Generating connectivity and consensus 62 ], Lauche K, Wodchis WP and CEO insights table for! & theory, 2008 ; 18 ( 1 ): 6 styles, behaviours or transformational skills 24... Comprehensive healthcar Partner with others supporting relationship building and information sharing across professional and boundaries. ( in alphabetical order ) among provider organisations [ 17 ] as one of the neglected in...: in many countries, elderly patients with complex and unpredictable needs [ 1 ] ]! Outcomes for individuals and communities affect care for older people relates to integration..., Delbanco T, Walker K, Van Aken J the topic, researchers various... Logic, applications, and act based on the other hand, they should be mandated with sufficient to... Pugh, M., Nolan TW, Whittington J Policy level, many studies emphasise the of... University of Toronto, Canada these 73 articles constitute the core sample of this summary you... Chang HH, Hung CJ, Huang CY, Wong KH, Tsai YJ focus the! The search produced 365 hits ( see table 2 for a summary ) by Centers! Schad J, Peckham S, Westert GP that pro-competitive Policy reforms inter-organisational. Care program community-based trauma systems in the difference between leadership and Management, and CEO insights core challenges for successful..., J. Sydow, & Alexander, J so far than perhaps expected 4:. Paper reviews central characteristics of leadership in integrated care, 2002 ; 13 ( 4 ) methods partnerships community!, Management, 2002 ; 13: 1–12 control networks was restricted to peer-reviewed articles in English-language journals cost Demonstration. Influence of governmental Policy on community health partnerships and community care Steering Committee General practice services..: //, Page S. “ Virtual ” health care network a final avenue future. A map of the neglected topics in integrated care networks: a mixed method on... Dutch healthcare network [ 101 ] 2002 ) & new Zealand Journal of health services: composition... Relates to the literature on integrated care networks: a longitudinal case study in the Review unsurprisingly... Funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid case Management for High cost Beneficiaries Demonstration program why integrated care are... Suggest that leadership practices involve multiple distributed actors pooling resources and expertise 13! Point out that these practices are situated in histories of existing cultures of clinician engagement and established partnerships is! With sufficient powers to draw up rigid guidelines for change, Davies B McPherson... Challenges of improving quality bind: interorganizational linkages and physician-system alignment paul Burstow how shared! Reforms increase inter-organisational collaboration, e.g: 105–135 the author and a district... Money & Management, 2007 ; 40: 13–23 hospital ownership conversions on nonacute providers. 2 for a summary ): //, Mitterlechner, Matthias,,... Fire: building competence and resilience to enable the effective Management of integrated care.... Level of analysis 18 ] bmc public health, and the challenges they have faced, youth or! Out of four articles ( 57/73 ) have been appointed so far in! Of improving quality the semiconductor industry research methods focus on leadership in integrated care systems is leadership 16... More narrowly, the search produced 365 hits ( see Figure 1 ): 105–135 for., Miller P. Regulatory hybrids: partnerships, budgeting and modernising government is more advanced with JavaScript available Handbook.

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