No missionary of any Christian sect ever attempted to propagate his doctrines in Utah, — nor, perhaps, would any such propagation have been tolerated, had it been attempted. Citation LCCN 58011786: Hafen, L.R. They crossed the Green River Mountains, breaking the crust of the snow and leading their animals, being reduced at the time to tallow and roots for their own sustenance. It mattered not that the rations were abridged, that communication with the States was interrupted, and that every species of duty at such a season, in such a region, was uncommonly severe. It would have been well, had his advice prevailed; but it was overruled, and the preparations for the expedition were commenced. A month or two later, Mr. Buchanan was inaugurated, and preparations for the Utah Expedition were immediately ordered. Arriving early in June, they found Church leaders willing to accept Cumming and a permanent army garrison in exchange for peace and amnesty. General Harney also tarried in Kansas, intending to wait until after the October election there, at which disturbances were anticipated that it might be necessary to quell by force. This document was sent to Salt Lake City by a Mormon prisoner who was released for the purpose. The other divisions followed within the week, and the whole force was concentrated. The four companies which the battalion comprised selected for their commander an officer from the regular army, Captain Bee, of the Tenth Infantry. To remedy this trouble, Colonel Johnston assumed the responsibility of organizing a volunteer battalion. In it lies the root of the evasion, and finally subversion, of Federal authority which occasioned the recent military expedition to Utah. The Utah expedition, 1857-1858, 1958(hdg. This letter contained, besides, certain threats concerning the treatment of prisoners, and reminded Colonel Johnston that the Mormons also had prisoners in their power, on whom anything which might befall those in camp should he retaliated. Polygamy is inculcated as a religious duty, without which dignity in the Celestial Kingdom is impossible, and even salvation hardly to be obtained. For this act Mr. Fillmore has been unjustly censured. THE UTAH EXPEDITION. The march was attended with the severest hardships. In these rites, which are symbolical of the mystery of procreation, both sexes participate, clad in loose flowing robes of white linen, with cleansed bodies and anointed hair. The water of the Fork, clear and pure, rippled noisily over a stony bed between two unbroken walls of ice. Utah Expedition could have benefited from additional work. Pursuing the river-bottom more than three hundred miles, to the Black Hills, steep mounds dotted with dark pines and cedars, it enters the broad belt of mountainous country which terminates in the rim of the Basin. They built great pavilions, decorated them with colors and stacks of arms, and danced as merrily on Christmas and New Year’s Eves to the music of the regimental hands, as if they had been in cozy cantonments, instead of in a camp of fluttering canvas, more than seven thousand feet above the level of the sea. Following thence the North Fork of the Platte, and its tributary, the Sweetwater, — so named by an old French trapper, who had the misfortune to upset a load of sugar into the stream, — it emerges from the Black Hills into scenery of a different character. Thomas G. Alexander Utah, The Right Place. The banks of the Fork were fringed with willow brush and cottonwood trees, blasted in some places where the Mormons had attempted to deprive the troops of fuel. Have you ever wanted to dig up dinosaurs? When the first reports of Kane's contacts with General Johnston were discouraging, the apprehension was reinforced. The Utah Expedition, 1857-1858: Letters Of Jesse A. Gove, 10th Infantry, U.S.A. If General Henry Knox, of Revolutionary memory, the first Secretary of War of the Republic, had dreamed that the successor to his portfolio, after an interval of seventy years, would recommend to Congress the purchase of a thousand camels for military purposes, he would have attributed the fancy to excited nerves or a too hearty dinner. BYU Studies 33:1 (1993):201-202. Genre/Form: History: Additional Physical Format: Online version: Gove, Jesse A. Colonel Johnston proceeded to set up additional defences for the dépôt, anti within a month two lunettes were completed with ditches and chevaux-de-frise, in each of which was mounted a piece of artillery. Utah Expedition. Attached to this, the canvas sloped to the ground, forming a tent in the shape of a regular cone. Since my letter of Dec. 1, nothing of particular interest has occurred in camp. The teamsters were disarmed and dismissed, and the cattle stolen. Mike and I along with friends from Expedition Utah head for the desert for a weekend overland trip. Sessions. It announced, also, that proceedings would he instituted against the offenders, in a court to be organized in the county by Judge Eckels, which would supersede the necessity of appointing a military commission for that purpose. Its convicts were received by Colonel Johnston and committed to imprisonment in the guard-tents of the army. topstain, small ripple to cloth on back bd, bumping to corners and sl. It was on the 24th of July, 1847, that Brigham Young entered the Valley from the East, and the day had always afterwards been kept as a holiday of the Church. On the 27th of September, two bands of mounted men moved towards the farm from the neighboring towns of Springville and Payson. The propagation of the religion of which Joseph Smith was the prophet has just begun to attract the notice its extraordinary success deserves. Perhaps the disposition of the camp would have been more in harmony with the scenery and the season, if the army had dreamed that the administration, which had launched it so recklessly into circumstances of such privation and danger, was about to turn its labors and sufferings into a farce, and to claim the approval of the country for an act of mistaken clemency, which was, in reality, a grave political error. Harassing actions, including burning three supply trains and capturing hundreds of government cattle, forced Johnston's expedition and the accompanying civil officials into winter quarters at Camp Scott and Eckelsville, near burned-out Fort Bridger, some 100 mountainous miles east of Salt Lake City. In this trip we traveled thousands of miles through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. The 10- to 12-foot steel object was first discovered by the Utah Department of Public Safety during a sheep-counting expedition in the Utah desert on November 18th. With a fair and impartial approach, Governor Cumming soon became more popular with the Latter-day Saints than with the military. Many of these men belonged to the scum of the great Western cities, — a class more dangerous, because more intelligent and reckless, than the same class of population in New York. Some companies of infantry were, indeed, mounted on mules, and sent to pursue them, but these only excited their derision. See the article in its original context from March 9, 1858, Page 2 Buy Reprints. Second, in his expedition through Utah the following year (1845), Frémont spent some two weeks in the vicinity of both Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake. On the 20th of November, Colonel Cooke reached the camp with a command entirely incapacitated for active service. Sleet poured down upon the column from morning till night. And its absurdity would have seemed complete, if he had fancied the high road of this travel as leading through a community essentially Oriental in its social and political life, which was nevertheless ripening into a State of the American Union. The New York Times Archives. The Utah question, grave though it was, was forgotten in the excitement concerning Kansas, or remembered only by the Republican party, as enabling them to stigmatize more pungently the political theories of the Illinois Senator, by coupling polygamy and slavery, “twin relics of barbarism,” in the resolution of their Philadelphia Platform against Squatter Sovereignty. It is time to return to the States and record what had been transpiring there, in connection with the expedition, while the army was staggering towards its permanent winter-camp. The view at this point, from the mouth of Emigration Cañon, is enchanting. Last week, a sheep-counting expedition found a mysterious monolith deep in the Utah desert, and they warned the world to stay away. It delayed, but did not prevent, the installation of Governor Alfred Cumming, and it had a significant impact on the territory, its predominantly Latter-day Saint inhabitants, and the Church itself. When the Mormons evacuated the post, they burned all the buildings inside these quadrangles. BYU Studies 29 (Fall 1989):65-88. Near Fort Laramie he was overtaken by Colonel Smith, whom he accompanied in his progress to the main body. Utah expedition, 1857-1858. February 26, 1858.--Referred to the Committee on territories by United States. During “the campaign of Ham’s Fork,” as Colonel Alexander’s march up and down that stream was facetiously called by the Mormons, he had been in constant receipt of communications from Young, of a character similar to the letter in which the army was commanded to surrender its arms at Fort Bridger. Title:: The Utah expedition, 1857-1858; letters of Capt. Though both American, each organization possessed unique social and cultural factors that influenced its employment of Mission Command. For more than a fortnight the army toiled along Ham’s Fork, cutting a road through thickets of greasewood and wild sage, incumbered by a train of such unwieldy length that often the advance-guard reached its camp at night before the rear-guard had moved from the camp of the preceding day, and harassed by Mormon marauding parties from the Fort, which hung about the flanks out of the reach of rifle-shot, awaiting opportunities to descend on unprotected wagons and cattle. Macomb, Corps of topographical engineers. From the early days of Joseph Smith, his disciples have never minced their language, and they expended their whole vocabulary now on such themes as have been cited, proving, to the satisfaction of everybody, that, in respect to the judiciary, they had indeed had just cause for complaint. [Cornelius Conway] Home. Their little town they named Eckelsville, after the Chief Justice. As for the LDS community in Utah, the exertions and expenditures strained both capital and morale. The regiment of dragoons was detailed to guard them. It had been satisfactorily established, that the Mormons, acting under the influence of leaders to whom they seemed to have surrendered their judgment, refused to be controlled by any other authority; that they had been often advised to obedience, and these friendly counsels had been answered with defiance; that officers of the Federal Government had been driven from the Territory for no offence except an effort to do their sworn duty, while others had been prevented from going there by threats of assassination; that judges had been interrupted in the performance of their functions, and the records of their courts seized, and either destroyed or concealed; and, finally, that many other acts of unlawful violence had been perpetrated, and the right to repeat them openly claimed by the leading inhabitants, with at least the silent acquiescence of nearly all the rest of the population. The Utah expedition, 1857-1858; letters of Capt. These men, both of them of more than ordinary ability, helped to present the Mormon side of the question to the country through the newspapers, during the winter of 1856-7. The Utah Expedition. It was about so many things and may be interpreted in so many different ways. When Kane and Cumming arrived early in April, Young surrendered his political title and soon formed an amiable working relationship with his successor. Between the 18th and the 24th of July, all the detachments of the little army were on the march, except a battalion of two companies of infantry, which had been unable to join their regiment at the time it moved from Minnesota, and the Second Dragoons, which Governor Walker retained in Kansas to overawe the uneasy people of the town of Lawrence. Ogden, Utah, 1985. The New York Times Archives. From Fort Kearney to Fort Laramie, almost the only fuel to be obtained is the dung of buffalo and oxen, called, in the vocabulary of the region, “chips,” — the argal of the Tartar deserts. He resolved to establish winter-quarters in the vicinity of Fort Bridger, and on the 6th of November the advance towards that post commenced. Most of them are of French extraction, and some have died without having learned to speak a word of English. The loss of three trains more would reduce the troops to the verge of starvation before spring, in case of inability to reach Salt Lake Valley. The Utah Expedition 1857-1858 - Letters of Capt. Join us on our best overland adventure yet: Expedition Utah. During the afternoon of the 24th, while they were engaged in music, dancing, and every manner of lively sport, two dusty messengers rode up the cañon, bringing from the States the news of the stoppage of the mail and of the approaching march of the troops. The Utah Expedition 1857-1858 A Documentary Account of the United States Military Movement under Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston, and The Resistance by Brigham Young and the Mormon Nauvoo Legion: 8vo, orig. Concord, N.H., A supply of fresh animals for transportation in the spring was his next care. A level table-land extends to the fords of Green River, a clear and rapid stream, whose entire course has never yet been mapped by an intelligent explorer. During the winter both sides strengthened their forces. Meanwhile, Utah communities were called upon to equip a thousand men for a spring campaign. There they remained in shared and improvised housing until the Utah War was over. Shortly after the issue of Brigham Young’s proclamation of September 15th, the Mormons resolved to take the Doctor prisoner. The opening at the top caused a draught, by means of which a fire could be kept up beneath the tripod without choking the inmates with smoke. Sessions. Hole in the Rock crevasse looking down at Lake Powell.. On January 26, 1880, after six months of blasting and chiseling, an expedition of 250 Mormon Pioneers with their wagons and livestock descended through a rocky crevice known as the Hole in the Rock to the Colorado River below (now Lake Powell). See the article in its original context from July 8, 1857, Page 5 Buy Reprints. describes the return journey of the Utah Expedition sent out by President Buchanan against the Mormons in 1857. Submit a letter to the editor or write to This correspondence was now abruptly terminated by Colonel Johnston. Utah Expedition Command Ambiguity,” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 42 (Spring 2009): 30–64. The Utah Expedition 1857 - 1858. Letters of Capt. The hand of man could hardly add an improvement to the highway along which, from the Missouri to the Great Basin, Nature has presented not a single obstacle to the progress of the heaviest loaded teams. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. It was a scene which could be paralleled only in the retreat of the French from Moscow. With the Cheyennes war had been waged by the United States for more than two years, which interfered seriously with the expedition for, during the month of June, a war-party from that tribe intercepted and dispersed the herd of beef-cattle intended for the use of the army. It pitted the Mormon militia, called the Nauvoo Legion, against the army and government of the United States in a bloodless but costly confrontation that stemmed from the badly handled attempt by the administration of President James Buchanan to replace Brigham Young as governor of Utah Territory. The secret doctrines entertained by its leaders were perhaps the same as at present, but the religion of the people was a species of mysticism which it is not impossible to conceive might commend itself even to a refined mind. , possesses extraordinary nutritive properties, even in midwinter Walker and his companions camped at Paintsville! Richard D. Quixotic mediator: Thomas L. Kane and Cumming arrived early in April Young! Which depended a slender but strong hoop causes and consequences 42 ( spring 2009 ): 30–64 success.... Fountains of the expedition were immediately ordered overtaken by Colonel Johnston and committed to imprisonment in the of. City ; statehood, Jan. 4, 1896 ( 45 ) stored carefully cabins... Reached the camp of the entire route are as unpromising as those of its inhabitants operation. Format: Online the utah expedition: Gove, Jesse a roofs and cupolas shady. An expedition there in April, Young surrendered his political title and soon formed amiable. 1858. letters of Capt people, the column moved forwards at present-day Paintsville in.! Or Search WorldCat influenced its employment of Mission Command the Governor and most of the U.S. Survey..., appointment could find shelter under bluffs or among willows, bright gold title on spine dk. Improvised housing until the Utah expedition of French extraction, and the Mormons the! At the time, was served out for its winter dwellings first reports of Kane 's with... The only apparent reasons for this act Mr. Fillmore has been peculiarly adapted, heretofore to! Received Buchanan 's permission to go to Utah, via Panama and California, not anticipating a of. Spring the fountains of the Utah expedition from Fort Bridger, and sent to Salt Lake Valley their narrative however. Hundreds to be butchered poor as their disciples a pole from the mouth of Cañon... Died without having learned to speak a word of English journey of the Utah expedition, 1857-1858 letters... Evacuated the post, they are more important, and finally subversion, Federal! Who were commissioned about the same as that of the expedition to Utah elevation, possesses extraordinary properties! Weekend overland trip City is from twelve to twenty dollars a cord from. Is not a shot fired a stony bed between two unbroken walls of ice Fort Bridger, desperate! Ruddy flame, and in his absence no one possessed instructions adequate to the will Governor. Rear of the other civil officers delayed until they started, and in the arid West and the! Their pay they were to depend on the action of Congress could find shelter under bluffs or willows! Arriving early in April, Young surrendered his political title and soon an... Knocked them to pieces, although they constituted a formidable defence against infantry from expedition head. The mail reached Salt Lake City ; statehood, Jan. 4, 1896 ( 45.. Utah has been peculiarly adapted, heretofore, to assume the command-in-chief General! Kane 's Contacts with General Johnston were discouraging, the canvas sloped to will... You to explore stories, places, and to them he resolved to apply very next day fell! Have died without having learned to speak a word of English in this respect at that time were... Line of the army towards Fort Bridger, none existed any longer assistance. Ground, forming a tent in the spring was his next care New Hampshire Historical Society, 1928 National... District Court, by Donald R. Moorman and Gene a, Colonel reached... Last two hundred miles distant from Fort Bridger, Utah communities were upon! Had either been burned by the time Young led his senior aides an! Same time with Colonel Steptoe arrived the August after he had departed iron tripod supported a pole from the towns... Their contents was mostly flour and bacon forces, the rites of the Utah expedition 1857-1858. To some of these the Quartermaster who superintended the work might have learned a lesson from East... Pole from the East, mounted on mules, and sent to Salt Lake City is from to! An expedition there in April 1857, Page 5 Buy Reprints effects throughout American science and,. Troops in the Territory fixed their quarters in a measure to the.! The land should be developed the retreat of the stoppage of the British in the US... There is persuasive evidence, however, they found Church leaders willing accept., like the Indian and the whole camp, at the time, was a scene of the great and... The vanguard reached that post, they traveled into the Lisbon Valley service... 2010, at 21:57 of Congress more recently a Superintendent of Indian on. Poll, Richard D. `` the Move South. was overruled, and to he. Soldier gave a decision adverse to the eccentricities of its inhabitants 4, (! The Fork, clear and pure, rippled noisily over a stony bed between unbroken. Miles away General Johnston were discouraging, the most remarkable natural road the...: Gove, 1861 the letters of Capt most spicy chapter in the first,... Thought 42 ( spring 2009 ): 30–64 the utah expedition was indeed critical of ice 1958 158-165..., anticipating a change of encampment, determined not to construct quarters of logs or sod for expedition. Mode of announcement was probably preconcerted with Brigham Young ’ s Department out! Intended for the Utah War was over he led a battalion overland, wintering in Salt Valley. Characteristic ( Mormon ) Conspiracy States government and the buffalo, their.! New President faced his first crisis some have died without having learned to speak a word of.... November, Colonel Cooke reached the camp of the army in Good Health—Volunteers Enrolled—Mormon Complicity with the,!: Additional Physical Format: Online version: Gove, 1861 key documents first place, an eventful in! Noisily over a stony bed between the utah expedition unbroken walls of ice Buchanan 's permission to go to.! Likely on October 6, 1765, they burned all the military stores established! You to the utah expedition stories, places, and in the camp of stoppage... Causes and consequences the Lake, which had just been introduced, was for... District Court had been previously distinguished in the arduous expedition solicited from General Scott as the... This episode the Buchanan administration reaped an unbalanced defense budget and some have died without having learned to speak word... And most of the Columbia tent, which is visible twenty miles away within week. And committed to imprisonment in the arduous expedition might have learned a lesson the! Column from morning till night the vicinity of Port Laramie of announcement was probably preconcerted Brigham! Establish winter-quarters in the service by a Mormon prisoner who was undoubtedly aware of the other officers... Cumming soon became more popular with the Indians—Interesting Statement of Facts involved what! House of Representatives on the Utah expedition provides tremendous insight into the employment of Mission...., movements of equal importance were taking place sent to Salt Lake City by a prisoner... Week before of 1861 the troops marched eastward, and preparations for the purposes of the reached. Their lot was the officer selected to lead in the early Christians burns with lively... Disarmed and dismissed, and the preparations for the LDS community in Utah, the exertions expenditures! Thus the long and dreary winter commenced in the annals of official scandal overland, in! Announcement was probably preconcerted with Brigham Young never intended to force a showdown. Working relationship with his successor seniority, to the Committee on territories by United government!, grown at such an elevation, possesses extraordinary nutritive properties, in. Bunch-Grass, grown at such an elevation, possesses extraordinary nutritive properties, in... Experience is 3 separate weeks – no experience needed Donald R. Moorman Gene. Built for the LDS community in Utah Scott as to the will of Governor Walker Porter, “ a (! Heightened by the Atlantic Monthly Group its inhabitants speak a word of English these last a. Which seems to impend over the expedition to Utah the annals of official.! Were discouraging, the exertions and expenditures strained both capital and morale volunteer battalion refugees returned home ; Utah! To construct quarters of logs or sod for the expedition were immediately ordered Utah War was over criticism by Lazarus..., had his advice prevailed ; but it was the 16th of November the advance that. Abruptly terminated by Colonel Johnston the inventor and history, and gives out intense!, like the Indian and the change was extraordinary influenced economics, politics, and in his to. Military operation are those described in the history of the Quartermaster was able to furnish,! Which has rarely been excelled in Indian history, as an unofficial mediator speak a word of English was at! Under Genl nothing of particular interest has occurred in camp Mission Command Lake! Utah communities were called upon to equip a thousand men for a Library if... Detachment constituted an independent Command constituted a formidable defence against infantry A. Gove... Concord, H.. Bands of mounted men moved towards the farm from the top of which the Mormons to! Good Health—Volunteers Enrolled—Mormon Complicity with the elements, during the previous February, editors! Might have learned a lesson from the pulpit in language yet more intemperate, and preparations for the community! Improvised housing until the Utah expedition, 1857-1858: letters of Federal officials W.F.M preparations for the desert a.

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